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  • The load speed changes automatically
  • Lightweight and compact—The innovative permanent magnet design
  • Low noise design, super silent
  • Sensitive equipment is available.
  • CE, ISO Certificates.
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Model i-3D i-6D i-8D
Generator data
Peak output power 3.3(KW) 6(KW) 8(KW)
Rated voltage/frequency 230/50(V/HZ) 230/50(V/HZ) 230/50(V/HZ)
Working speed 2200-3600(rpm) 2200-3600(rpm) 2200-3600(rpm)
Fuel tank capacity External 5(L) 5(L)
Phase No. Single phase
Excitation mode Multipolar permanent magnet
Insulation F
Control mode Full-automatic
Noise level
Noise (7m) 59dBA
Weight and dimensions
Length 510(mm) 620(mm) 620(mm)
Width 440(mm) 495(mm) 495(mm)
Height 565(mm) 595(mm) 595(mm)
Net weight 69(kg) 116(kg) 118(kg)

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